Puntland forces supported by SFG troops suffer heavy loses after their attack on Somaliland Forces
May 15, 2018 - Written by Cabays
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The tank captured from Puntland forces today

CabaysCabays Media (Hargeis- Somaliland Republic) Reports coming from Somaliland’s eastern region of Sool say that Puntland forces supported by members of newly trained Somalian Federal Forces suffered heavy loses after they attacked the Somaliland National Forces stationed in the outskirts of Tukaraq town early morning on Tuesday.

Reports say the Puntland forces had a surprise attack on Somaliland’s force based in eastern side of Tukaraq town while other forces mixed with Puntland and troops newly trained by Turkish for Somalia’s Federal Government also made simultaneous attack from the south of the Tukaraq area, but the Somaliland National Forces put up the fight and managed to ward off both assailants.

“We have seized six military vehicles including a tank and we have captured number of war prisoners” Said Somaliland top army general, Major General Nuh Tani who spoke to the media in Gambadha town where the Somaliland’s eastern regions army command sits.

“Our troops moved forward and now staying at the place they attacked us from” Added general Nuh Taani.

“There are casualties on both sides and its something we regret that it happened, but it’s to blame the side (Puntland) that started to attack us” Said Major General Taani who detailed how the attacks happened.

Reports say Somaliland’s forces have pushed fifteen kilometres the Puntland forces and now Somaliland troops are getting closer to the Puntland’s capital of Garowe.

On Somaliland’s casualties three deaths and four injuries are reported though yet to confirm the exact figures of the casualties these attacks have inflicted on Somaliland.

Unconfirmed reports say Somaliland has lost a military vehicle in the fight.

Other reports say the Puntland forces have lost many fighters in the attack and unconfirmed figures put the number of loses from Puntland side to fifty-five to eighty deaths and more than seventy others also injured.

Wounded troops of Puntland were taken to Garowe Hospital where reports coming from there say the number of injured troops arrived in Garowe are the highest lost for Puntland suffers since the start of the conflict in 2002.

Puntland’s Information Minister, Abdi Hersi Ali “Qarjab” has confirmed that the attacks happened but blamed Somaliland troops first attacking their troops. “We managed to repel and push back Somaliland troops who attacked our forces” Said Puntland’s Information Minister.

On Somalilan’ds side reports say there are three soldiers killed and one military official who died in fire-fight when Somaliland’s troops were surprised on attack.

The Somaliland National Army are slowly moving towards the border with Somalia and in the last three months they have managed to clear a huge swathes of land from Puntland forces that locals do not want them to stay in their region despite of Puntland’s claims of being part of its territory.

Somaliland president, Muse Bihi Abdi has also confirmed the attacks this morning when he made a speech marking Somaliland’s 27 anniversary of the withdrawal of ill-advised union with Somalia.



Cabays Media Staff