The Welsh – Somalilanders Achievement Award takes place in Cardiff
December 22, 2017 - Written by Cabays



Cabays Media:-Over hundred years of rich contribution to Wales, the Somalilanders in Wales   have played a huge role in helping in today’s Welsh multi-cultural and the rich diversity that greatly celebrated.

Men from Somaliland originally drawn to Cardiff as seamen at the end of the 19th century settled in Cardiff and Newport towns, shortly after the opening of the Suez Canal, where they sought work in the thriving docks while some of Somalilanders came to UK  served in the British Navy during World War II fighting alongside the British. Her majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second honoured their service by decorating with medals for their bravery.

The yearly ceremony recognising the youth that succeed in their education and career held in Cardiff and this year is not exceptional to witness the celebration of Welsh- Somalilanders’ success.

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