Somaliland: a beacon of hope
December 15, 2018 - Written by Cabays

Somaliland: a beacon of hope

Cabays (Editor’s choice) – Somaliland has been and will be unstoppable in the future to focus in its endeavour to unite its people, make progress in its democratisation and improve its institutions despite some sceptics.
Somalia, on the other hand, unrelentingly tried to frustrate in all fronts of economical and political potency that Somaliland could aspire to acquire in the not distant years.

They tried politically and economically to put a wedge between Somaliland and Ethiopia but failed again. They attempted to stop the DPWorld project and failed again. They tried to isolate Somaliland from the rest of the world but failed again—as a matter of fact the world saw Somaliland a beacon of hope to the horn of Africa. They armed Puntland to the teeth and created tribal war that disasterously failed to the detriment of Puntland.


Whatever they conjured up to break up the political cohesion of Somaliland, once again Somaliland surmounted it and reinvigorated strongly its will to maintain peace and stability.

Furthermore, it has newly become a direct shot in the eyes of Somalia when Ethiopia announced that they will strengthen its diplomatic relations even further with Somaliland by sending a very prominent figure as an ambassador to represent them in Hargeysa.







In conclusion Mark Twain, an expert of Mississippi river, once said, “that no human being on earth can stop the natural flow of this immensely large river and whoever stands in its way is doomed to fail”. Therefore, no country in the horn can frustrate the aspirations of the Somalilanders to regain their independence once again for their country.


Written by Mohamed Warsame Boss