Kenyan Gov releases statement on Somaliland with diplomatic lingo
October 27, 2023 - Written by Cabays




(Cabays Media): The latest statement by Kenya’s State Department of Foreign Affairs on Somaliland raises more questions than answers. Saying “Kenya only acknowledges Somaliland as a regional government within the Federal the Federal Republic of Somalia” sounds a diplomatic lingo not reflecting the reality Kenya deals with Somaliland. There are four points this statement from the Kenya State Department of Foreign Affairs fails to answer.

If Kenya Gov sees Somaliland as a region within Somalia’s Federal system then it needs to answer theses questions:


1. Why Kenya issues visa on Somaliland passport?

2. Why 1000s of Kenyan working in Somaliland obtain their visa entry from Somaliland’s diplomatic mission in Nairobi with Somaliland stamp?

3.Why the Somaliland Diplomatic Mission Office in Nairobi is dealt by the Kenya’s Gov as recognised nation?

4. Why Kenyan workers seek work permit from the Somaliland Gov & pay $600 per head to work in Somaliland?

The statement the Kenya’s Gov released is double talk with diplomatic lingo.