Khatumo Rebels ready to talk with Somaliland and end the rebellion
September 11, 2015 - Written by Cabays



Cabaye Media Staff Write:-


The reports coming from the small village called Bilad where the Khatumo top leaders were holding intense meeting say Dr. Ali Khalif Galaydh has forwarded a proposal calling for negotiations with Somaliland government and end their call for the state called Khatumo and the rebelling against the Republic of Somaliland.

“We have looked into every aspect of the (Khaatumo) and we could not escape to come to the point of opening talks with Somaliland (government) which we share common culture and common land” Dr. Ali Khalif Galaydh was quoted as saying while trying to convince his Khatumo partners to enter negotiations  with the Somaliland government.

“I’m going to make it clear now what is being rumoured about me, we must now nominate negotiators, as the constitution (of Khatumo) gives me the power to appoint committee” added Dr. Galaydh as he pushed for Khatumo rebel leaders and their tribal supporters to give in and join Somaliland with open negotiations they can present their grievances.

Explaining where the negotiating committee from Khatumo side will be heading to sit with Somaliland government negotiators, Dr. Galaydh said ” The committee is waited in Addis Ababa where negotiations will take place and Dr. Ali Esse Abdi will be the chairman leading the (Khatumo side) committee”

But other sources also say when the Khatumo leader presented his proposal for opening talks with Somaliland government some of his closed circles in the Khatumo rebels were surprised how serious their leader is about to negotiate with Somaliland, while others showed their disapproval by walking out their meeting and rejecting Dr. Khalif’s idea as breaking the backbone of Khatumo rebels.

The Khatumo leaders and handful of tribal leaders loyal to Dr. Khalif were holding weeks of talks in Baliad village and media were kept away to report about it, but sources say the talks changed from restructuring Khatumo leadership to opening negotiations with Somaliland.

This is not however the first time the Khatumo rebels attempted to start negotiations with Somaliland and Cabays Media confirmed that there were two other occasions in Addis Ababa where Khatumo leaders had secret meetings with Somaliland government officials but the talks failed as demands on both sides were not met.

If Somaliland government achieves bringing in Khatumo leaders back in Somaliland, this could defuse the political tensions in parts of Sool and Buhoodle regions where Khatumo has stronghold and it has insurgency fiercely against Somaliland.