Nine Somalis dumped in Egyptian sea after kidnapped and organs removed by traffickers in Egypt
April 4, 2016 - Written by Cabays



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The political unrest that rocked Egypt since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in 2011 seems to have shaken the country’s law enforcement apparatus, creating loopholes for organ traffickers.

The Coalition for Organ-Failure Solutions, a non profit international health and human-rights organization, released a study that shines a spotlight an underground trade that world health experts say thrives there and affects thousands of African refugees in the country.

But for the first time Somalis have fallen into the hands of organ traffickers that target African and other migrants either travelling through North Africa or seeking sanctuary in Egypt.

Nine Somalis, including a mother and her two young children are reported of their organs removed and their bodies dumped in the sea near the Alexandria, the Mediterranean port city in Egypt. Horrific pictures showing the Somali victims with autopsy like scars and blood stains emerged and circulating in the social media

Reports also say the nine Somalis dumped in the sea were originally lured onto a migrant boat told it was heading for Italy, but after were led to undisclosed location in Alexandria and locked up for organ removal.

After pictures of three seemed Somali or Sudanese appeared on social media,  a Somali mother and her two children who were among nine reported Somalis that organ traffickers dumped their bodies in the sea and were recognised by their friends and family members .

Egyptian officials examine body washed up on beach

Egyptian officials examine body washed up on beach

The Somali mother was named as Adar Hassan Adaawe, who died along with her son, Abukar Abdikarim who was just three months old, Anfa Abdikarim who was just one year and half old and unnamed man with clear scars showing his body was ribbed apart.

Tributes pour in on Facebook after horrific pictures circulated by Somalis confirming the identity of the Somali victims slaughtered by the ruthless organ traffickers that don’t spare no one they could coercive.

The COFS researchers said they believe many other nations’ citizens also suffer as victims of illicit organ harvesting. COFS estimates that there are likely to be hundreds of Sudanese as well as numerous others from Jordan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Iraq and Syria. COFS estimates the total number of victims of organ trafficking in Egypt to be in the thousands.

First known Somalis fall into organ traffickers in Egypt

First known Somalis fall into organ traffickers in Egypt










Until recently, Egyptian law prohibited organ donation from the deceased so that organ donation was only from the living. This resulted in an unregulated system which has only exacerbated the issue.
A report by the Coalition for Organ-Failure Solutions (COFS), a non-profit international health and human rights organisation, indicates that human traffickers in the North African country are increasingly targeting Africans, especially refugees and other immigrants.

The current horrific pictures of Somali victims would increase the awareness of the dangers face by the illegal migrants but they also add to the tragedy many people ended up when they risk their lives for seeking better.