Somalian President admits what he has been denying before
February 17, 2024 - Written by Cabays

Cabays Media -(Addis Ababa) – For the first time the Somalian president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud accepts that the African Union respects the African pre independence borders inherited from the colonial rule.

Speaking at the African Union Summit in Ethiopia#s capital, Addis Ababa, President Hassan Shiekh launched a barrage of accusations on Ethiopia and said “Ethiopia has signed MoU with a region in Somalia and that is an attempt to annex part of Somalia”

Speaking about respecting the African pre independence borders, Hassan Sheikh inadvertently admits the African Union respects the borders pre independence.

“It has been agreed in 1960 although Somalia has not endorsed that the African Union borders will remain as colonial borders left before independence”

This statement is something unexpected from a Somalian president because they all deny the existence of pre-independence borders, specially when it comes Republic of Somaliland which has gained its independence after eighty-nine years of being British Protectorate.

Somalia Accuses Ethiopia for attempting to block from the African Union Summit.

Somalia accuses Ethiopian Gov for attempting to obstruct the Somalian delegation led by HassanSMohamud for attending the AfricanUnion Summit. Somalia’s Gov keep repeating of accusations on Ethiopia including bizarrely claiming Ethiopia “wants to annex part of Somalia” which he described the MoU signed by Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed and Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abid.

The accusation letter from Somalia

Here is the Somalian president making the statement and the Somaliland’s historical day with late poet Abdillahi Suldan Tima’adde.