Somaliland Football comes to London’s Peckham Football Club
April 27, 2017 - Written by Cabays
Cabays Media:- The well respected Somaliland football team that took part in CONIFA World Cup in Abkhazia last year will be hosted at London’s Peckham Football Club where they will play a friendly match in commemorating Somaliland’s 26th anniversary when Somaliland re-claimed its lost independence on May the 18 1991. The friendly match  will be played at the home of Peckham Football Club, The Menace Arena where entry will be by donation aim to raise funds for the needy.
The Somaliland Football Association supports and organises the Somaliland team and this is not the first time this team plays at London major club, but also they have played at various London clubs and also represented Somaliland at CONIFA World Club which countries not associated with FIFA compete every two years.
 The SFA team also plays matches with other European teams and last year they have played in Italy, Holland and Switzerland where they represented Somaliland.
The SFA also supports Somaliland local football teams and organise football and other sports equipment in supporting Somaliland youth at home.
At CONIFA World Cup, the Somaliland team was recognised as the best team  in the tournament despite they were inexperience for such major tournaments and they did not receive any support from Somaliland government and its Sport and Youth Ministry.
The Somaliland Football Association urges Somalilanders in London to come out and support their team and country, and also take the opportunity to support the victims of the devastating drought that hit so hard many Somalilanders, especially nomads that the drought has taken away their livelihood.
Visit the dedicated Facebook page for the Somaliland team and share with friends and families. The match is kid friendly and its ideal to bring kids to enjoy watching their flag-carrier team playing in London.
International football comes to Peckham Town Football Club on Saturday 6 May (3pm KO). Somaliland will travel to the Menace Arena to play an end of season charity friendly.
Entry will be by donation, and all proceeds raised on the day will be split between the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) East Africa Crisis Appeal and Somaliland Lifemakers.

Somaliland’s Football comes to The Menace Arena

*Entry and match programme by donation. All proceeds will be split between DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal and Somaliland Lifemakers.
ADDRESS: The Menace Arena
Dulwich Common
SE21 7EUKick off at 3pm.