Somaliland Passport holders can now apply UAE visa online
February 6, 2024 - Written by Cabays

Somalilanders can now officially apply the UAE visa online, thanks to the new Somaliland bio-metric passport that lifted the main condition that failing Somalilanders to apply visas online.

Somaliland Passports

“Somalilanders travelling with their passport to United Arab Emirates can obtain one month visa entry and can apply work visa if they secured job while outside the UAE.” Say Somaliland Immigration Authority source.

United Arab Emirate was already issuing visa on Somaliland passport since 2016 but mainly through agencies that provide visa services and for the SL Government officials with diplomat or special Civil Servant Passport which is issued for Government employees.

Somaliland Passports
Somaliland on UAE ICP website

A large Somaliland community reside in the United Arab Emirates and more than a century trade between the two was there. The new bio-metric passport will help Somalilanders working in the UAE and those travelling for business or pleasure for swift visa application process.

Somaliland is listed with countries the UAE ICP Smart Services accepts its passport holder to apply visa online with their bio-metric passport.