Somaliland’s UCID Party leader says Ethiopia has the right for sea access
February 10, 2024 - Written by Cabays

Cabays Media (Hargeisa, Somaliland) – The UCID Party leader of Republic of Somaliland, Faisal Ali Warabe said on Friday Ethiopia has the right to access the Red Sea. Speaking after he returned from abroad, Chairman Faisal explained why he supports the MoU signed by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed & Somaliland’s President Muse Bihi Abdi.

The Justice & Welfare Party leader also slammed Somalia’s President, Hassan Sheikh as a failure that can not control its backyard, and those voiced against the SL-Etho MoU in Moqadishu as jealousy driven.

“Those in Moqadishu, like Hassan Sheikh and his group who don’t control their backyard are today claiming Berbera. Tell me about it” He said.

Pointing Somalia’s president and his failures to secure the country he says he controls, UCID chairman said “Hassan Sheikh doesn’t control his land and yet claims ours.”

Speaking about how Somaliland will benefit the MoU signed by Ethiopia and Somaliland leaders on Jan 1st 2024, Chairman Faisal said “The agreement between Somaliland & Ethiopia has the interest of Somaliland, there is no selling (Sea).”

The UCID leader added that Ethiopia will be charged for the sea access. “It is about leasing. We got used to leasing properties, but do we know about leasing sea access.”

The UCID opposition party leader sounded like he has a lot of information about the signed MoU and the Somaliland Gov has briefed him thought the other political party called Waddani has said they do not have the details of the agreement Somaliland and Ethiopia have signed.

“We will have experts (on leasing sea access) assisting us from Britain” Chairman Faisal added when he explained how Somaliland will manage the sea access agreement with Ethiopia.

“Ethiopia uses the Red Sea and the Red Sea is troubled where (others), the Japanese, Americans and the Spanish all have bases. The Red Sea is protected (by others). He said, explaining how the Red Sea is the World’s competing waters.

“For Ethiopia, it is where things come through for them. They have the right to have a naval base, (and at the same time), to use our port (Berbera). There is no selling. (I say) It is an extolment Allah has given us. Let us not just call out. We having a good agreement.” Chairman Faisal said while addressing Somalilanders after arriving in Hargeisa.

UCID Party Chairman

Some reports say Chairman Faisal Ali takes different stance than that of the opposition alliance (UCID & Waddani Parties) and does not agree with Waddani Party opposition for casting doubt on the MoU and the deal between Somaliland and Ethiopia. He strongly supports the MoU and believes Somaliland will benefit from Ethiopia in many ways and the MoU will lead more cooperation between the two nations who already are cooperating on security.

Urging Somalilanders to unite for the interest of Somaliland, Chairman Faisal said “We will beat those with our unity. You will see them begging you tomorrow, so let us keep our unity. We are one family (Somalilanders) from Lasqoray to Zaila.”

Chairman Faisal urged Somalilanders not to fall in the misinformation on the MoU. “Don’t let those with jealousy tell you what. Don’t let others to tell you about (what is best) your home. Can Hassan Sheikh tell you (what is best) to your homeland?” He asked Somalilanders.

Video below is Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe speaking to the media on Friday.

Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe

Cabays Media Staff